The Nap Nanny and Colic Calm

Two things every mom shouldn’t be with out: The Nap Nanny and Colic Calm!  These are the most important tools in battling colic.  Poor little Eme was having trouble with her tummy but she seems to be getting better every day. 

The Nap Nanny is an elevated foam mini-bed with a soft minky cover that you can put inside your crib (or really anywhere for that matter). Due to it’s 30 degree elevation, it lets the air out of baby’s tummy more easliy than if she were to sleep on her back or side!  We started using it this week and she has spit up less, cried less, and slept longer than ever:) Yeah!! Check it out at

baby nap nanny

 Colic Calm is the other wonderful invention every mom needs.  Its a sweet syrup type liquid you administer to baby when she is experiencing colicky symptoms.  I am very hesitant to use anything like this but Jason’s aunt, who is a nurse, recommended it to us.  She went on to explain that it has all organic ingredients like chamomile, peppermint, aloe, etc… nothing harmful to baby.  The only weird thing is that it has vegetable charcoal making it a scarry black color. The charcoal absorbs unwanted air bubbles and makes it easier for baby to toot and/or poop.  However, It’s not digested and simply passes through baby’s system without harm.  So when Eme started screaming bloody murder and tensing up all over in pain, we decided to give it a try.  Jason inserted the syringe full of the black goo into her mouth…..her eyes popped open and instantly the crying ended.  She got really still and concentrated on the taste moving her mouth around happily.  After about five minutes she was out..sound asleep.  It seems to give her tummy some relief so she can relax and go to sleep.  In fact, she made it look so good that Jason and I took a squirt of it when our tummies hurt and Wa la it works!!!

colic calm


One Response to “The Nap Nanny and Colic Calm”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve never tried the nap nanny yet,however the colic calm seems to help my 1 month old son. We had tried everything before coming across it. Sometimes he’s still fussy but his lack of sleeping seems to add to that I think. My first born,almost 2 year old daughter,never had problems. She was always a super happy baby. Thanks for the nap nanny suggestion.

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